Tuesday, October 9, 2007


This is the first installment of the Hill Billy Gourmet! A little history on the name. I have been called hillbilly by a friend of mine as a joke. However, I love to eat, socialize, the night life and all things "happening". That said, my wife and I (and various friends) tend to go out to eat around two or three times a week, here in our lovely corner of south west Florida. I also like to blog. So... it was like a natural combination to do a review of establishments and events we attend... like Peanut Butter and Chocolate (notice the food theme)?

Since our tastes range far and wide, I will cover at least one establishment or event a week. Look for my reviews! Pictures sometimes too! Also, if you would like to be a guest reviewer, please contact me.

I have been discussing the "scale" (every rater has a scale). I think I will hit on the following criteria with a rating of 1 to 5 (hillbilly's that is) and then average the 3:

  1. Service - comprised of 75% friendliness, and 25% correct serving (getting my order right, balancing leaving me alone, but having my refills on hand).
  2. Food quality - it will depend on the expectation of establishment due taste, price/value ratio, and type of restaurant.
  3. Expectation of cliental - if I go to a honky tonk, I expect "country folk", if I go to a fine casual dining, I expect educated, non-uncouth people. However, I will not give a favorable review if there is an obnoxious snob (rude to patrons or the wait staff), or the redneck rampage yelling at his kids or "woman" and neither is stopped by management.
That said, I think the next post will be later this week. I could do a post of places I have been in the past, but that would not be fair. I would rather do them right after I have been there, to keep the experience fresh in my mind and fresh for the readers!

Till we eat again,

THBG (The Hill Billy Gourmet)

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