Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jalapeno is so authentic, you will expect your change in pesos

I love Mexican food. I would eat it probably 75% of the time if my wife would let me. She gets sooooo made, and says no more "sh*t in a shell!". However, I do get her to go with me to a Mexican restaurant from time to time.

One of my favorites is Jalapeno's (there are three locations, but we go to the one on College Parkway). Their tag line is "so authentic, you will expect your change in peso's!" It is so true! I have been several times, but I have to say this past Saturday must have been an off night for them. Ok, more about that in a moment. First things first.

Location Information
7381 College Pkwy
Fort Myers, FL 33907
(239) 931-1005
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Upon entering, you are greeted by a host/hostess ready to either place you on the list, or take you directly to your seat, depending on how busy the were. We got there early, so we were taken straight to our seats. Within 10 seconds of sitting down, a magnificant basket of homemade tortilla chips and two types of salsa appear on our table. The salsas are home made, and it shows. None of that soupy, tomato paste looking goop, but fresh vegetables, chopped fine. I love the hot sauce that comes with it as well. There is something about it I just cannot put my finger one.

Very soon after the chips and salsa appeared, as if by magic, our very attentive waiter was there asking about our drink order. He took our order and asked to be excused, so he could go and help the other waiters sing happy birthday to an older woman. Upon his return my comrade and I decided we would order the Pollo Santa Ana (chicken breast in marinated mushrooms, spinach, shrimp and cheese), and the Carna Asada burrito (marinated steak burrito) respectively.

Now, my comrade said her meal was incredibly delicious. However, I have to say, the cook must have been having an off night. My beans had a burnt taste to them (my comrade's beans were actually quite tasty). Also, my steak had several extremely grisly pieces. I was very surprised. Usually, the food at Jalapeno's is good. I will give them another chance, however since they seem to be raising their prices, you would expect the food to have the same caliber as I have previously enjoyed.

All and all on the Hillbilly scale, the Jalapeno's has the following rating:
  1. Service: 4 out of 5. The waiter was great, my only concern was getting the refills.
  2. Food Quality: 2 out of 5. The food was not up to snuff from previous visits.
  3. Expectation of the cliental: 4 out of 5. It was a nice mix of people and all were well mannered. I particularly liked the singer, although he was a some what loud.
That gives Jalapeno's a 3.334 out of 5 on the Hill Billy Scale. Check it out at least once and let me know your thoughts. I would love it if this restaurant was kept up. It is one of my favorites.


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